KOÇTUR aims to provide fast, reliable, high quality and transparent services to its customers along with reasonable prices. We guide our customers by transporting various goods in different industries which requires different specializations. In this way, it is proven that KOCTUR is a leading logistics company in its region.

Some of the areas we serve:
• Food Industry; especially hazelnut as well as other dry foods.
• Industrial Products
• Electronic Products
• The Automobile and Supplier Industry
• Handloom and Textile
• Chemicals

We offer road transport services in Europe – Middle East route by providing the best solutions to meet customers' needs by combining all very young, environmentally-friendly and featuring silent motor vehicles. The main regions are as follows:

1st District: Germany, Benelux Countries, France, Switzerland, Austria
2nd District: Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina
3rd District: Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Check Republic
4rd District: Turkmenistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Iran

All of our vehicles contain tilt, and a large part of the fleet have the certificate of transport hazardous materials, chemicals and flammable substances. Almost all of our drivers have license to carry flammable and explosive goods. Please contact with company officials for more detailed information.

We have perceived our staff as the most valuable asset and succeeded in creating a family culture within the company by providing high-quality working conditions to our employees. We are in contact with our drivers 24 hours a day by mobile phone; in this way we ensure that the goods reach safely to the destination on time.